CLEVELAND -- There's a new address and a new spirit as Cuyahoga County Government moves into it's new headquarters on East 9th and Prospect.

It opened for business Tuesday. The media got a tour from Public Works Director Bonnie Teeuwen.

The eight-story building's part of the 9 Project and will help bring more energy to a long dormant corner of town with its 600 workers coming and going. The 9 will also include a Heinen's Grocery Store, a hotel and apartments.

The county has a new logo and the new building's being seen as a fresh-start for the still new government.

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The workers are coming together under one roof other county buildings.

The building and furnishings cost about $80 million. Taxpayers footed $24 million of the bill.

The county will lease the building for 26 years. Rent starts at $6 million a year. It's a 26-year-lease with an option to buy and own it for $1.

The county claims it will save $84 million by consolidating operations.

The old county government with multiple elected officeholders running separate departments is a thing of the past. There will be no ghosts of Jimmy Dimora or Frank Russo here.

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The building was completed in about 15 months, on time and under budget. The Geis brothers say their 9 Project will revitalize that part of downtown.

The building will be part of County Executive Ed FitzGerald's legacy. He chose a quote from former Cleveland Mayor Tom Johnson that will be inscribed in the building. It challenges officeholders to build a government serving people that will be a model for other governments.

There will be a staggered opening for different departments over the coming few weeks.

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