Hollywood has Elm Street but East Cleveland has Elm Avenue, which is plagued with large potholes.
It may be named Elm, but residents who live on the street said it’s more than a nightmare.

"This is one of the worst streets you can find,” Woodrow Wilson, Jr., resident, said.

Potholes? They wish.

These are more like craters, ground missing and gaping holes in the street.

"It looks like all of East Cleveland Street's gonna cave in,” Wilson said. "I have to come down this street three or four times a day and it just tears your cars up."

It’s not hard to see how, WKYC drove on the roads for five minutes and the harsh sounds of the undercarriage scraping the road was a lot to handle.

"You cannot come on this street unless you hit a bump, unless you swerve and almost hit somebody else trying to dodge the holes,” Wilson said.

It’s a rollercoaster nobody wants to be on and a game that nobody wants to play, but they all have to.

Everyone seems to be looking for relief, though, they said they’re looking for the city to invest in the problem but to no avail.

"You don't see nobody even working on these streets, then that's when you say 'Good God, what are they doing?'" Wilson said.

WKYC reached out to the city of East Cleveland’s street department and they have not returned our calls.