The case may be closed in the police shooting death of a Euclid man earlier this year.

On Tuesday, a grand jury decided to not charge Euclid Police Officer Matthew Rhodes in the death of Luke Stewart, an unarmed driver.

Special prosecutors had been assigned to the case and presented it to a Cuyahoga County grand jury.

Investigators had been tight-lipped on the case, making it difficult to tell which way it would go.

The Ohio Attorney General’s office also released the prosecutor’s case summary, which details Officer Rhodes’ account.

He claimed that when he responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle early in the morning of March 13th, he approached on the passenger’s side of Stewart’s car while another officer approached on the driver’s side.

When it appeared that Stewart was going to hit the gas and flee, Rhodes jumped into the car to grab the keys from the ignition, but could not get to them, and in turn was taken for a ride.

He claims he could not shift the car into neutral, either, to explain why he tased and shot Stewart.

The report also revealed Stewart was the subject of a police investigation into drugs and that officers bought four times from him and issued three warrants for his arrest.

Toxicology tests showed he had ethanol, marijuana, oxycodone and cocaine in his system.

Though his family maintains he was not perfect, they say he did not deserve to die and pushed for Officer Rhodes to be moved to desk duty. Last week, the department agreed to that.

No one was available to comment Tuesday on how soon Rhodes could return to the field.

Euclid’s police chief issued a very brief statement, extending deep sympathy and asking for peace.