Andrea Defts was in the right place at the right time and wasted no time doing the right thing.

The 28-year-old University Hospitals nurse was headed to her first day back to work at the Parma campus. She had been working at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital downtown.

Monday, it turned out a baby needed her right there in her path she hadn't intended to take.

See, nurse Andrea usually takes State Road into work in Parma. A last minute decision to hit Starbucks had her taking Snow Road this time.

That road less traveled led her to a terrible accident at Snow and State.

A head-on collision.

One driver dead.

6 children in the other car.

Cardiac ICU nurse Andrea sees someone, “carrying a little girl limp out of the car. So I immediately did aU turn in the middle of the street. The one year old wasn’t breathing. I checked for a pulse. I didn't feel one so I started CPR. She just laid there. Then after a minute she started moving. I said, 'stay still they're on their way'," says Defts.

It was all happening in the middle of the chaos of rescue crews trying to get control.

The 23-year-old driver of the Subaru had already died in the crash, but before Nurse Andrea knew that, she tried again to save a life.

“There was no way to get him out so I did my best to do CPR on him in the car. This is what I do every day and it was my first day back and it was like fate that I was going down that road. Feels like I was meant to be there. If I see something and someone needs help, I just go and I can't even look away. I need to help them," says Defts.