Emotions were high in Parma on Tuesday. From students marching in the street, to an administrator quitting in front of a whole auditorium.

Everyone is passionate about education here, but with millions in cuts needed, something's gotta go.

Students from Normandy and Valley Forge High Schools marched to Parma High School in advance of the meeting. It wasn't a pep rally, but a protest.

One of the proposed cuts is merging all three schools into one.

Then came the unexpected drama. 15 minutes into the meeting, Board President Kathleen Petro resigned.

But with so much at stake, and more than 1,000 people in attendance, the meeting continued.

The Ohio Department of Education says the district needs to cut $15 million dollars from its budget over the next two years. The district proposed a plan which would eliminate dozens of teaching positions, discontinue programs and even close schools.

The sentiment from parents and teachers? Anything but this.

For now, the school board will likely ask the state for an extension. If the state grants one, the building closures would be tabled.