Parma Senior High School is battling bed bugs in one room of the building.

Supervisor of Public Relations Dan Rajkovich says a staff member discovered the bed bugs on Thursday. Once they had a suspected case, the district immediately brought in a pest control company to investigate. A canine confirmed the case of bed bugs.

Rajkovich did not know which room had the bed bugs, but said it was confined only to one room.

Freshman Nathaniel Woods was not thrilled about the news out of his school today. "Nasty. It's just nasty to think there are bed bugs at school," he says.

Parma City School District sent a robo call home to parents of Parma Senior High Students letting them know of the situation.

Rajkovich says this is something the school district has dealt with annually and they follow all guidelines from the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

The school also had bed bugs back in the fall of 2015 when Louie Donofrio was there. He says at that time, they inspected all the students to try to find who brought the bugs to school. It was like how we got checked for lice back in elementary school.They like look through your hair, the shirt you were wearing, your gym clothes," says Donofrio, who graduated in 2016.

So far, Woods says that hasn't happened this time, but students are taking their own precautions. "Kids are saying don't throw your jackets down and stuff because bed bugs will get into them and you could bring them home and stuff," says the freshman.

The room was sealed and heat treated during the day. It will be off limits to students on Friday and until the pest company confirms it is free of bugs. School will carry on as normal.