At Mayfield High School, it was the the solemn sound of silence before the sights and sounds of Friday night football.

Friends, family, parents, students, faculty, even strangers held candles and stood in the rain to celebrate the life of sophomore Sunny Patel.

They say he lived up to his name.

Just 15-years-old, Patel was working at a Mr. Hero restaurant in Cleveland Heights on October 14, when he was shot and killed for the money in the drawer.

"That happened while he was working. It's ridiculous. He was the nicest person ever," Patel's classmates told WKYC Channel 3 News before the football game.

A single gunshot to the neck and his friends say a role model kid was gone.

"He wasn't even employed there it's his choice to work that night to help his family."

Patel's friends designed t-shirts in wine and gold for the crowd in honor of their Cavaliers-loving friend who they loved so much.

"No one can give us our friend back. It's hard for us," they said, choked up.

The entire Wildcats stadium shared that sentiment with a moment of silence that wasn't lost on the Patel family.

"They are giving us hope where we feel hopeless. And it means so much to us. We really don't know how to thank everyone," said Patel's cousin, Sweta Patel.

Patel's friends pledged, "We're going to keep on his tradition of being nice to everyone and making people's day. He's going to live on through us being kind. We all know he's watching over us."