CLEVELAND -- After Amanda, Gina and Michelle escaped from Seymour Avenue, all of Northeast Ohio became more aware of how many teens are in danger and possibly right next door.

As a result, Bellefaire JCB's Homeless and Missing Youth program added "missing" to their name and started also canvassing neighborhoods looking for missing children and teens.

"We know teens are missing, and we have to look for them," says Karen McHenry, director of Bellefaire JCB Homeless and Missing Youth program. This group has helped 4,000 teens and families in the past year who are in crisis.

Thanks to an increased awareness, Bellefaire gets at least one call a day to its hot line about a teenager who needs help and sometimes that leads to a family in crisis.

If you need help yourself or for someone you know, the 24-hour hot line is (216) 570-8010.

Visit the website at