Katarina Bitterman turned 17 on Friday.

She disappeared on Saturday.

Katarina's good friend Serena Vale says it just doesn't make sense. "She's not the type to run away from things. She wouldn't run away from her problems like this," says Vale.

According to Parma Police, Katarina's parents had just left to go out of town Saturday afternoon.

A neighbor last saw her walking from her home around 2:00 p.m. Saturday on Augustine Drive in Parma.

When Katarina's parents called to check on her at 4:00 p.m., there was no answer.

Her cell phone had been left at home.

"Maybe she was going to the store to get a snack? She took her key. She left the dogs out in the yard with the TV on, with her parents not coming back till the next day. She wouldn't leave those dogs out there that long and with her taking the key, it sounds like she was trying to come back," says Vale.

Bitterman's friend Nathan Ziegler has been posting on social media incessantly trying to bring her home.

"I've been worried sick the last couple of days. This is not in her character at all. She goes by the rules all the time. She's never one to act up or anything. I just hope she's OK. I love her," said Ziegler.

Parma Police do have some leads coming in.

The latest includes someone who thought he saw Bitterman at the Giant Eagle on Broadview Rd. on Saturday afternoon.

A Police dog picked up Bitterman's scent from her home to an intersection down the street, and 'then nothing,' according to Parma Det. Kevin Riley.

If you have any information that can help bring Katarina Bitterman home, call Parma Police.