CLEVELAND -- Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman is in the thick of efforts to try to bring the 2016 Republican Convention to Cleveland.

He discussed them at Lakewood's 4th of July parade.

"Let's do it in Ohio...and let's make the most of it....I spoke to the Chairman of the National Republican Committee (Reince Priebus) yesterday " he said.

He also spoke with Site Selection Committee Chairwoman Enid Mickelsen.

"They ought to have it in the heartland. They out to have it in the city that represents the emerging heartland (Cleveland)," he declared.

Portman said Republicans should see the political advantages of coming to a diverse city in a key swing state to broaden their base..

He said Republicans will carry Texas with or without a Dallas convention.

And even though Republicans have not carried their convention state since 1992, he thinks the Party will do a better job of seizing that opportunity in Ohio.

"You can showcase a party that's inclusive....i think we need to bring everybody together and show the Republican Party as answers for every single family in Ohio and America. And what better place to do that than Cleveland, " he said.

Portman has joined with Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown to push for one , maybe both conventions in Ohio.

Cleveland's vying for both parties political superbowls. Columbus is one of six cities Democrats are considering.

Portman says he is encouraged about Cleveland's chances and expects an announcement from Republicans about convention negotiations" pretty soon."

There's a buzz that might be Tuesday. Asked specifically , Portman said ," Yeah..." then added he didn't know and didn't think Republicans did either.

He was meeting with members of Cleveland's Convention Host Committee later Friday.

Many parade watchers in Lakewood saw Portman and expressed strong support for Cleveland's convention quest.

Bill Hamilton said, "Oh my God! It would be a shot in the arm for the city that would be incredible. Everybody in the city would be inspired."