Solon Home days kicks off on Friday.

And while you won't find rides like the Fire Ball in Columbus, there are portable rides that are just as large. Officials in charge of setting them up say that safety comes before everything.

"Safety is paramount for the city of Solon," says Community Center Manager Richard Parker. "And we have the additional step of having the rides re-inspected by the Department of Agriculture's Division of Ride Safety prior to the fair opening."

Each ride at Home Days is provided by Great Lakes Expositions. While Great Lakes is able to operate based on yearly equipment checks by the state's Division of Ride Safety, the city opts to have inspectors come back again after they're set up.

"The re-inspection that we have is an option that communities can choose to have done," explains Parker. "The rides are new to us. They travel. And we wanted to make sure they were safe and inspected immediately prior to our festival opening."

Before the festivities get underway on Friday, inspectors will check the rides up and down. That includes safety pins, harnesses, and even the electric lines supplying power to them. If something looks amiss, the problem is corrected...or the ride doesn't open.

"The re-inspection was an added step that, from the very beginning, we thought was a smart thing to do," says Parker.