SOLON -- Police say that a Geauga County man was a one-man arsenal of sharp instruments on wheels when they stopped him for a minor traffic violation on U.S. 422.

It was just before 2:30 a.m. Saturday when a police officer pulled over driver William Grayson, 19, of Chesterland, for a minor traffic violation.

In speaking with Grayson, the officer learned that a sword was in the back seat of the vehicle.

Then the officer saw a knife clipped on Grayson's left front pocket.

He was removed from the vehicle and it was thoroughly searched.

Inside the center console, officers found a brass knuckle/knife combination, two fixed blade knives, a folding knife and a credit card knife.

On the front passenger floor was another Gerber fixed-blade knife.

In the back seat area, officers found a tomahawk, bayonet, machete and a sword.

Grayson was placed under arrest and taken to the Solon Jail where he was held on bond.

Grayson posted the $500 bond later that morning and is scheduled to appear in Bedford Municipal Court at 9 a.m. May 28 on carrying concealed weapons charges.