SOUTH EUCLID -- A South Euclid police lieutenant sacrificed his face to save a fawn.

In a post to the department's Facebook page early Tuesday, it is explained that Lt. James Wilson was attempting to dislodge the fawn Monday afternoon when he took a hoof to the face.

"Despite the bone jarring hit, which reportedly packed the wallop of a Daniel LaRusso crane kick to the face, Lt. Wilson and another officer were able to free the fawn a few minutes later. .... Just an 'occupational hazard,' to quote the lieutenant," the post said.

"You should have seen him when he came in … wooh!" said a dispatcher who didn't want to be named.

"Fawn: 1, Lt. Wilson: 0 … for those keeping score at home," according to the Facebook post.

"I told him 'All the things you do, and you get your butt kicked by a deer,' " the dispatcher said, adding "He's a big animal guy."