South Euclid Police say they’ve identified a teen in a video that appears to show him throwing a box of peanuts over the counter at a local restaurant.

The teen could be seen throwing the box at a Five Guys restaurant on Cedar Road. It’s just one of a series of videos uploaded on an Instagram account that show the teenager involved in a series of pranks.

Police posted the following on their Facebook page hoping to identify the teen, saying his actions "induced panic at the restaurant" and are "completely unacceptable." The teen could be facing juvenile charges and police are still looking into other incidents, including at a Walmart in South Euclid.

Another video on the Instagram account shows the teen and others going into a convenience store and tearing down displays.

The teen's most recent video shows him at a Subway, pushing two people and taking a customer's sandwich.

While some have commented on the posts stating that the pranks are staged, police said they are taking the case seriously.

Videos showing these alleged pranks in stores and restaurants have gained millions of views.