BAY VILLAGE -- Safety was one of the reasons Keir Kurinsky and his family moved to Bay Village. He wanted his three-year-old daughter Ada and baby on the way to grow up in a friendly neighborhood.

But a neighbor's stray bullet shattered that idea.

"This happened three feet from my pregnant wife reading to my 3-year-old daughter," said Kurinsky. "It's changed the whole neighborhood."

On a April 11, while reading Ada to sleep, mom Jen heard a bang that she thought was a limb falling on the roof.

"We weren't looking beyond a branch falling. That's what we thought it was," Keir said.

But they didn't find that.

"On Tuesday morning is when I was getting Ada ready for school, and I noticed the drywall dust all over her clothes, and I just pushed, pushed aside her clothes, like that, and that's what I noticed," said Kurinsky. "And that's right when I called the Bay PD."

Police say the bullet came from next door, shot by a neighbor from inside the house, leaving holes in a little girl's clothes.

"The cop said even though it didn't have a lot of gun powder or the maximum capacity, those two bullet fragments, if they hit Jen and Ada, could have easily killed both of them," he said.

Bay Village police tell us they know who pulled the trigger, but they're convinced it was an isolated incident and purely an accident. They are pursuing misdemeanor charges.

"The more we find out about the incident, the more we're concerned," said Kurinsky.

Kurinsky says he's been told the bullet was homemade, and the gun was an AR-15 assault rifle. While he's a hunter himself, it makes him question the need for such a weapon inside a seemingly safe suburb.

"I just don't understand owning a weapon like this," he said. "Unless you're in the military or you're on the SWAT team of a local law enforcement, there's no reason a private citizen should own a weapon like this."

WKYC knows the suspect's name, but is withholding it until he faces charges. Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel says officers are working with the prosecutor to make that happen in the next few days.

Update: The Chief tells WKYC that a 19-year-old male was expected to turn himself in on charges.

The chief says the gun was legally obtained and the suspect had no other weapons. Police have the gun now. Spaetzel says officers are fighting for permanent forfeiture of the gun.