Multiple swastikas were found painted on a driveway and in the street on Belle Avenue in Lakewood Wednesday morning.

Images of the home were first seen on social media. Lakewood police were notified and were called to the scene to clean up and conduct an investigation.

The woman who lives in the home has been a Lakewood resident for 27 years and says she's never experienced hate in her own front yard.

She says with so much going on in the news lately, experiencing hatred firsthand is disheartening.

Two hours after the homeowner's husband spotted the first two swastika symbols in the driveway, neighbors pointed out an even bigger swastika painted in the middle of the street.

"This is an act of hate," Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers said. "It's unacceptable in any form, anywhere, we like to think especially here in Lakewood."

After the swastikas were removed, Rep. Nickie Antonio rounded up a group of children from the street to draw messages of love and unity on the pavement with sidewalk chalk.

The vandalism comes in the wake of this past weekend's events in Charlottesville, Va., where white supremacists and counter protestors descended on the city. A peaceful counter protester was later killed when a Northwest Ohio man rammed her with his car on Saturday afternoon.