Beachwood police are searching for the people responsible for a pair of recent carjackings.

In both instances, a dark-colored SUV hit the victim's vehicle from behind. When the driver exited her vehicle to exchange information, a man got into the victim's car and drove off. The dark-colored SUV then left the scenes, too.

The first incident happened Tuesday evening at the intersection of South Belvoir Boulevard and Somerset Drive.

The stolen vehicle was quickly abandoned and recovered a few blocks away.

The second incident occurred about 30 minutes later in the 27100 block of Cedar Road.

That vehicle was not immediately recovered. It's described as a dark blue 2006 Mercedes C28 with Ohio plates reading CJB5935.

When in a minor fender bender most people get out of the car right away, but Sgt. Larry Roberts with the Ohio State Patrol says that’s not necessary.

He says you should always call police after any accident – big or small.

He says if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you can stay inside your car until police arrive.

If you want to get out of your car, he couldn’t give clear advice about what to do with your purse and car keys.

“If someone wants to get your car, they’re going to get it,” said Sgt. Roberts.

If you leave your keys in the ignition or in your car, you risk someone jumping inside and driving off easily.

If you put your keys in your purse and hold your purse close to you, someone with the intent to steal your car could assault you to get the keys.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, Sgt. Roberts says stay in the car until police arrive.

You also have the option of driving to a crowded, well-lit area before getting out of your car and dealing with the other driver.

Neither of the female victims in Beachwood were physically hurt, but they lost items like their purses, checkbooks, an iPad and a wallet with $700 cash.