A child was struck by a car on Cleveland’s west side on Sunday afternoon, according to Cleveland Police.

Channel 3 visited the scene in the 1300 block of W. 87th Street.

The child’s grandmother, Gail Mellinger, says the boy who was hit is 1-year-old Kato.

She says Kato was playing at the end of the driveway with his three older sisters when a car drove by and hit him. Witnesses say he rolled several feet and came to a stop at a fire hydrant.

“He had a scratch on his forehead, and like neck injuries, maybe. I hope and pray to God it’s not a neck injury… and little scratches on his belly,” said Mellinger.

This is at least the second child hit by a car within 24 hours in the city of Cleveland.

Saturday night, a 3-year-old girl was killed when a car struck her on Loop Drive.

Investigators say the young girl darted into the street after her older brother. She was rushed to Metro where she died.

Driver Demario Horton is now charged for driving with a suspended license in that case.

Police say Horton remained at the scene and they do not believe he was impaired.

Mellinger says Kato was taken to Metro Hospital and his mother went with him.

Cleveland Police tell us the driver of the vehicle that struck the boy did stop at the scene. She was not cited for speeding. Police say the boy’s injuries were not serious and he is expected to be okay.