CLEVELAND -- Jamie Smith and her family members were heading downtown, hoping to see the Indians win Friday night. But they only made it a few miles north on Interstate 77, where they were stopped by a rock crashing through the windshield.

"My husband said oh my god and I turned and I realized that whatever I was showered with hurt. and I had little pieces of glass all over me, I was covered in glass," she said. "It was like pinpricks of blood just dripping down my arms and legs."

Smith says the rock came flying into their Chrysler sedan from off the right side of the freeway, just south of Pershing Avenue. Jamie says the group that threw it seemed to be standing on the other side of the fence; eight or ten kids on bikes riding on the street.

Had we been driving just a mile or two faster, or had that child been just a tad bit stronger, I would seriously be injured," she said.

Smith called police, but dispatchers said if an ambulance wasn't required, it could take hours to send an officer to their aid. A Cleveland police officer driving past did stop, telling Smith that police had already received calls about the danger.

A spokesperson told WKYC Channel 3 they are looking into it.

They tried to use a sock, and water to remove glass pieces, "as small as glitter," said Smith.

"My husband actually Shop-Vac-ed my body until he could get most of the glass off, and then when I got home, I showered several times to make sure it was all off," she said.

"I'm going to make sure that my kids and any kids I come into contact with know the repercussions of those actions and know how serious things like that can be," she said.

Smith is a third grader teacher at a private school in Cleveland. She says it could have easily been much worse, and it has been in other cases.

Sharon Budd, a teacher at Perry Local Schools, was nearly killed after she was struck by a rock while driving through Pennsylvania in early July.

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Friends and family report online she's scheduled for surgery again this week. Online posts suggest Budd is recovering remarkably, considering her extensive head and face injuries.

"We were praying for her recovery, and for this to happen was really eye opening," said Smith.

In Budd's case, four young men face felony charges for aggravated assault and other crimes.

No one's been caught in this Cleveland case yet, and Smith has already paid out of pocket for the $350 to replace windshield.

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