NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio -- A North Olmsted Police officer is being called a hero for running onto I-480 and dragging a drunk driver to safety.

The dash cam video starts off like a typical traffic stop. But then the driver, 54-year-old Richard Solis, gets out of his car and darts into traffic.

"Get back in the car, get back in the car," shouts Patrolman Matt Beck.

He gets out of his police cruiser and runs after Solis. They disappear out of frame. And then Patrolman Beck tries to pull Solis out of harms way.

"Kill me. Kill me," yells out Solis.

He falls to the ground, still in the middle of the interstate. Patrolman Beck drags Solis' 340 pound body across three lanes of traffic.

Detective Sergeant Bob Wagner says he's proud of Beck.

"We are very happy with the way he handled the situation," said Wagner. "He did a great job. He was waiting for backup and they weren't there yet so he pulled the man to safety all by himself."

Solis has been charged with driving under the influence and speeding.

WKYC tried contacting Solis at his home but he was not available.


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