It is a raw and real look at an officer-involved shooting that left a father dead.

New video released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol shows the moments before Roy Evans Junior, a father of three, lost his life at the hands of a Strongsville Police officer.

Evans had led police on a high-speed chase early in the morning, early last week.

Police say it started when they observed him driving without his lights at Pearl Road. When he refused to stop, he led them for 14 minutes.

Spike strips stopped his van along I-71 South.

A patrolman can be heard saying “He’s ramming police cars” shortly before at least two gunshots are fired.

Investigators confirm they never found weapons, although a report revealed Evans reached down to possibly light a cigarette. His hands may have been outside the officers’ view.

The new video also shows a woman believed to be Evan’s wife getting out of the van, while their young kids are heard calling for her.

A man who has not been identified also appears to be escorted from the scene.

Per social media pages, Evans was self-employed, specialized in flooring, and living in Avon.

He was believed to be returning from an early morning job when the chase started just before 2:30 a.m.

He had recently served time for a felonious assault. Some relatives suspect he tried escaping to avoid more trouble with the law.

State investigators have yet to rule whether the shooting was justified.