Walnut Wednesday is in its fourth year at East 12th Street and Chester Avenue downtown.

It began with fewer than that six food trucks but has grown to 13 to 17 trucks that come to this event through September.

"And it really speaks to how the food truck scene is growing here in Cleveland," said Gina Morris with the Downtown Cleveland Alliance. "Between 1,500 to 2,000 people come down to Walnut Wednesday every Wednesday, but there's food truck events every single day of the week in the city of Cleveland."

But you don't have to come downtown to enjoy the great food that's offered. The trucks are so popular, they've spread out to events in the suburbs.

"We hit Westlake, Elyria, Lorain … Avon, Avon Lake area. We're also downtown a lot," said Todd Berry from the Krave Food Truck

"It's exponentially how much it's grown since 2011 as far as me coming downtown to Cleveland, and going out to the suburbs," said John Shulze from Zydeco Bistro. "I would say my time is spent between downtown Cleveland … and everything else!"

They even come to where you work, to save you from the cafeteria food or brown bagging it.

"I work for an insurance company on the East Side, and a few of these come over there every week," said Matt Engoglia.

"They're whipping up hundreds of meals out of this tiny kitchen in the back of the truck," said Morris. "It's an amazing thing to see every week."