Jeffrey Scullin, Jr., the man accused of killing his future mother-in-law, carried her casket as a pallbearer at her funeral last weekend.

The funeral for Melinda Pleskovic took place last Saturday, three days before Scullin was arrested for her murder. As the memorial service ended, Scullin was seen among the pallbearers carrying the casket from St. Paul Lutheran Church.

On Tuesday, Scullin was arrested and charged with aggravated murder for Pleskovic's death.

Pleskovic was found dead with gunshot and stab wounds inside her Blazing Star Drive home last week. Her husband and Scullin each made 911 calls, claiming they arrived home in the evening and found her covered in blood on the kitchen floor. Scullin told dispatch he took his daughter and the Pleskovics' son outside upon finding the body.

Scullin lived with the Pleskovics and was engaged to be married to their daughter. Their wedding was reportedly scheduled the same day Melinda was laid to rest.

Police have not provided details on a motive for Pleskovic's murder.