More than 8 hours passed between the time police, FBI, and U.S. Marshals arrived at a home on Valley Forge Drive in Brunswick Monday night and left with 45-year-old George Brinkman in custody.

At one point witnesses say he had a gun to his head, and with a beer in hand, threatened to kill himself.

Detective Dave Loeding is with the North Royalton Police Department and has been working on the case leading up to the standoff.

His department became involved after they found Suzanne Taylor, a mother, and her daughters, Taylor and Kylie, dead on Sunday in the master bedroom of their home.

They learned Brinkman had been there in the past and was linked to the family on social media.

When they were unable to reach him for questioning, they named him a person of interest to regional law enforcement, but did not share that with the public until more victims surfaced.

“And you know a thought but you know we did not really develop interesting people…person of interest, it took some time,” Det. Loeding said.

He said he still does not have a motive for the family’s murders.

There was no answer Tuesday at the home of the standoff, a place neighbors say Brinkman had been crashing at for about 6 months.

Audra Hudson lives across the street and praised police efforts.

“You know I think they alerted us when we needed to know and if they caused too much pandemonium in the area, then maybe that would have allowed him to escape,” she said.