EAST CLEVELAND -- After two deaths in three months, there is growing concern over safety at Crystal Tower apartments in East Cleveland.

Residents are back in their homes after high levels of carbon monoxide forced them to evacuate on Friday.

The Fire Department is still trying to locate the problem with the help of technicians.

Barbara Kelley, 79, died at the hospital, but her cause of death will not be determined for a few weeks.

Kelley is the second death at the building since January, when a 2-year-old fell from a 17th floor window.

Fire Chief Rick Wilcox says both the East Cleveland Fire Department and the Building Department are required by law to conduct yearly inspections.

Crystal Towers was just inspected last year.

Investigators looked for code violations and checked the sprinkler pressure.

Wilcox says Ohio does not require buildings to have carbon monoxide detectors.

With the help of technicians, investigators hope to have a cause of the leak in the next few days.