March 30, 2015.

Then 19-year-old Tierra Bryant of Cleveland goes missing.

She was last seen in a Middleburg Heights hotel.

"We were all just hoping that it was going to be resolved quickly. Literally we didn't sleep for a week doing stakeouts in places we thought she might be," said Bryant’s uncle, Isaac Carr.

Fast forward a year and 7 months later, and despite a $5,000 reward, Tierra Bryant's case remains an open missing person’s investigation.

"Police are telling us that they are working on it. We just keep praying and we believe she is ok and we will hold onto that belief until we know otherwise. That's all you can do," said Carr.

The same hope goes for Ashley Summers family.

She was just 14-year-old when she disappeared in Cleveland near W. 96th St. and Madison Ave in 2007.

Now, after more than 9 long years of plastering posters, making pleas, building a special website, and praying, still no sign of Ashley.

She would be 23.

2 missing girls.. now women today.

Two families..with the same angst that never goes away..

"Times like Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays are tough because you're so used to being around Tierra," says Carr.

In Akron there are still no arrests in the death of 19-year-old Taylor Robinson who went missing in the summer of 2013.

She never came home.

Her remains were found September 2013 in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Tierra's uncle echoes families of too many still missing, too many lives unaccounted for when he says, “We want her back. She’s a precious girl who deserves to live a full life."