Betsy and Ryan Hartschuh wanted something their kids could get their hands on, stay active and open their imagination. That simple dream turned into an interactive reality at Lock 3 Park at the new Akron Children’s Museum.

“We felt like this is something that Akron really needed and we wanted to make it a reality,” said Betsy Hartshuh.

The museum celebrated its grand opening on Friday with dozens of kids waiting in line for doors to open at 10 a.m.

More than a dozen exhibits fill nearly every inch of the building that sits right next door to Lock 3’s concessions and behind the ice-skating rink.

Each exhibit includes educational elements that create a learning environment that’s sometimes difficult to see in the midst of the laughter and energy.

“So they’re learning different concepts about physics and engineering, but they’re really just taking Legos and trying to build a car that goes faster.”

DerbyTown proved to be one of the most popular exhibits on display. It’s modeled after Akron’s historic Soap Box Derby race, giving kids an opportunity to learn about Akron’s history.

“We feel like this is going to be a game changer for Akron,” said Betsy Hartshuh. “We thought it be amazing to have that experience of really changing the landscape. Bringing something to the community that wasn’t there before and making this a vibrant part of Akron. “

The museum is expecting to add a few more exhibits and will rotate exhibits for new experiences.

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