Gary Otte was just 20 years old when he admitted to killing two people in Parma back in 1992.

He had driven from Indiana to visit a friend, and when that friend was not home, Otte asked a neighbor named Robert Wasikowski, known affectionately as “Bobby W,” if he could use his phone.

Once inside Wasikowski’s apartment, Otte shot and killed the 61-year old, who drove a truck for Broadview Heights, and then stole money.

The next day, Otte returned to the complex and and forced his way into the apartment of 45-year old Sharon Kostura, killed her, and stole her checkbook.

Admitting to his crime, Otte waived his right to a jury and that year a panel of judges sentenced him to death.

Now 45, he is scheduled to die Wednesday morning by lethal injection.

His attorneys have argued the drugs could cause undue pain and suffering, appealed to the governor, and on Tuesday, requested the U.S. Supreme Court delay his execution, which it denied.

They also argued to the Ohio Supreme Court that being under 21 at the time of a crime should preclude Otte from execution.

The court has yet to rule on that point.

On Tuesday, the state prepared for its second execution of the year and fed Otte the final meal that he requested.

It included a mushroom and swiss burger, a quart of Heath Bar ice cream, and a slice of banana cream pie.

Taking to Twitter, prominent Catholic Nun Sister Helen Prejean urged Governor John Kasich to step in and cancel the execution, tweeting “We can honor and remember murder victims without more killing.”