AVON LAKE -- A big changeover is coming to Ford's Ohio Assembly Plant.

Two years ago, Ford and Gov. John Kasich announced the plant would stop making Econoline vans, but it would switch to making medium-duty pickup trucks.

The announcement was hailed as a guarantee of the plant's future and job security for the workers.

Re-tooling the plant is to start this summer. The union was originally told the switch could, ultimately, mean the loss of 100 to 200 jobs.

The plant now has almost 1,800 workers, and a Ford spokesman says "While Ohio Assembly re-tools for the future product ... approximately one-half the plant employees will go on layoff until further notice."

United Auto Workers Local 2000 President Jerome Williams said it's unclear how many workers will be recalled when the plant starts producing trucks.

Mayor Greg Zilka expects the change will be "more painful" than expected.

Avon Lake got $1.8 million in income tax from Ford workers in 2013.

A Ford spokesman says "The plant will continue to play a key role in Ford's global manufacturing."