Unclaimed cremated human remains, some found in abandoned storage units, have finally been laid to rest.

The 10 mysteries in urns are now buried in mercy at Holy Cross Cemetery in Brook Park.

"No relatives show up. I wouldn't want to pass like that,” said Tom Diamond, of the American Legion Post 610 out of Brook Park.

Diamond was there with other veterans from the Post to honor the two Vietnam veterans among the six urns found over the years in storage units down the street -- Vietnam Navy Veteran Clarence D. Thompson and Vietnam Army veteran James W. Callahan.

Brenda K. Callahan’s remains, believed to be James’ wife, were also laid to rest.

At Friday’s burial, they called them the “forgotten dead."

Rita D. Clark’s urn also one of the six found in a storage unit.

The last two urns in storage have unidentified remains.

Four more urns that were buried Friday are ones that have been left right there on the grounds, abandoned and unaccounted for, like Evie Hodnett and two other unidentified remains.

"We had a few dropped off at the cemetery or we found cremated remains just scattered on the graves,” says Catholic Cemeteries CEO Andrej Lah.

He says it happens at Holy Cross Cemetery "more than you would think. I wouldn't say often but more than you would think."

Well, on Friday, 10 people were buried in mystery but with mercy by strangers who said their lives count.

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