PARMA -- Wrecking crews started work Wednesday morning on demolishing the former Macy's store at Parmatown Mall.

The store closed in 2012 and is being torn down as part of a major redevelopment of the site which will be known as The Shoppes at Parmatown when completed.

Developers say 90-percent of the old department store's materials will be recycled with less than 10 percent going to landfills. The store encompassed 305,000 square feet of retail space while in operation.

The materials to be recycled include:

· 950 tons (2,128,000 pounds) of steel

· 75 tons of non-ferrous metals (150,000 pounds of copper, brass and aluminum)

· 28,700 tons of concrete (56,550,000 pounds).

The transformation plan for Parmatown Mall, which opened in 1956, included the construction of new stores as well as major renovations to the mall.

The $70 million project has created 700 construction jobs as part of the redevelopment and will bring an estimated 2,000 retail and office jobs when completed.