According to a statement released by Superintendent Michelle Mrakovich, the Newbury School District will not move forward with consolidation with the West Geauga School District. The Newbury School Board voted 4-1 to end talks and studies..

Here is the statement:

"The Newbury Local School District Board of Education, voted (March 13) at a special board meeting to end conversations of consolidation with the West Geauga Local School District. "The Board of Education along with District administration has carefully evaluated financial data along with community input and determined it was not in the best interest of the District to continue the conversation," stated Newbury Board President, Susan Arnold. "This decision was not one the Board took lightly, it was only after much careful and thoughtful review of significant data, were we able to reach our decision."

"During the focus groups, a key finding was that Newbury residents were extremely proud of the many accomplishments students have achieved during their time in the school district. Residents, staff, student, parents, and community members shared their concerns that they've had a school district here for 89 years and for many people, it was a difficult conversation to give up their local school district."

"The other significant, underlying feedback was around finances - would a consolidation provide a significant financial savings? The detailed financial data provided did not overwhelmingly support a consolidation, at this time."

"As we move forward, we want residents, families, and our community to know the Board and Administration are dedicated to providing all students in the Newbury Local School District with a quality education, while being mindful and prudent with taxpayer dollars," stated Superintendent Michelle Mrakovich. "We look forward to engaging the community as we move forward in developing a long-range plan designed to ensure the highest levels of academic success for all students in the Newbury Local School