A bizarre story out of Russell Township as a man was forced to walk to Circle K for help after being shot in the back.

According to the Geauga County Prosecutor, the victim got into an argument with township resident Cornell White at their home on Silver Creek Dr. Wednesday night. While the victim was sitting on the couch, White shot him in the back.

Despite requesting an ambulance, another person who lives at the home simply gave the victim some aspirin and an energy drink, telling him he "would be fine."

Realizing he would not be receiving help, the victim waited for the other occupants to go to sleep before walking to Circle K. He arrived at the gas station just after midnight Thursday, and authorities later transported him to Hillcrest Hospital.

Russell police were able to obtain a search warrant after realizing Cornell White was still inside the home. The Valley Enforcement Group SWAT team was called in to assist, but White later surrendered. Multiple guns were seized from the residence as well.

The victim's condition is unknown at this time. White has been charged with felonious assault, using weapons under disability, and aggravated menacing. His case will be presented to the Geauga County grand jury.