When you go to work Monday, you’ll be able follow a path you couldn’t take for years. The George V. Voinovich Bridge -- formerly known as the Innerbelt bridge -- will finally be open in both directions.

Here’s a look at what will change beginning Monday:

  • I-90 East reopens with two lanes entering the Voinovich Bridge.
  • I-71 North will have two lanes entering the bridge.
  • The entrance from state Route 176 to the bridge will also reopen.
  • This makes a total of five lanes in the eastbound direction.
  • The West 14th Street entrance ramp to I-90 East will reopen, the ramp from I-77 North to I-90 East will go back to one lane and you’ll once again have access from I-90 East to Carnegie Avenue.

This $500 million project began back in 2011 with construction of the westbound bridge. The previous Innerbelt Bridge was demolished back in 2014.

Crews worked through the seasons, even the recent June death of George Voinovich himself. He was the former Cleveland mayor, former Ohio governor and former U.S. Senator for whom the bridge is named.

This is the largest project in the Ohio Department of Transportation's history.