We know they drive you crazy. It's those stink bugs. How can you get rid of them?

We put some home remedies to the test and found out which ones actually work and which ones don't seem to work.

So, try this stink bug trap and see if you getgood results.

Stink Bug Trap Materials

To make a homemade stink bug trap, you’ll need to gather the following items:

  • A 2-liter soda bottle
  • Razor blade or box cutter
  • LED lights (RECOMMENDED: pack of three LED lights on Amazon for about $7)
  • Black electrical tape
  • White masking tape

Stink Bug Trap | Step-by-Step Instructions

Step One | With the razor blade, cut off the soda bottle just above the label, which is typically 1/3 of the top portion.

Step Two | Wrap the lower portion of the bottle with black electrical tape. This helps focus the light beam for maximum effectiveness.

Step Three | Put the LED light at the bottom of the bottle.

Step Four | Put the freshly removed top portion of the bottle upside down into the bottom portion of the bottle to create a funnel. (See Video for Visual Description)

Step Five | Add 4 strips of masking tape from the bottom to the top of the bottle so the stink bugs have a rough surface to climb. However, do not place the tape on the interior portion of the bottle as you don’t want these critters climbing out of the trap.

Step Six | With a pen or stick, press down on the LED light to turn it on.

Step Seven | Place the stink bug trap in a dark room at night, and in the morning review your collection.

There you have it! This is perhaps the easiest – and most effective – stink bug trap.

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