An Ohio family is mourning the loss of a 19-year-old who died while trying to save his father and dog from an electric current at Put-In-Bay last Friday.

The Currie family docked their boat at Miller Marina and plugged the boat into the shore's powerline when their dog fell into the water.

The family's father, Jeff Currie, jumped in to save the dog and began to struggle due to an electric current. The family's two sons also jumped in to help.

Onlookers urged Mrs. Currie to unplug the boat to stop the electric current. Once the shock stopped, the family re-boarded the boat, but found one son, Evan, unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Though the incident remains under investigation, boaters are urged to be cautious of electric shock drowning.

In order to detect electric shock drowning, a device called Shock Alert can be purchased for about $150. Users put it in the water and a light will turn green to indicate an electric current in the water.

Here are three tips to prevent an electric shock while boating:

  1. Shut off the shore power
  2. If there is a shock victim in the water, try to pull them as far from the boat as possible. Pulling them closer puts you at risk.
  3. If you're a victim of shock in the water, get in the fetal position to reduce the amount of electricity traveling through the body.