When shots were fired at the Classic BMW dealership in Willoughby Hills on Thursday afternoon, police quickly started to get a better idea of what all was playing out as more panicking employees called in.

One took off running and called 911 on the way. Here was how that conversation played out:

Operator: Willoughby Hills 911 where is your emergency?

Caller: um I think we have a shooter at BMW.

Operator: Is anybody hit.
Caller: I don't know

Operator: OK Where is the shooter at Sir?
Caller: I have no idea.
Operator: OK where are you?
Caller: I'm already at houses next door.
Operator: You shot?
Caller: No but I saw everyone running

At least 2 others called 911 as they barricaded themselves in.

While they knew very little, they knew enough to dial 911 as police were responding and trying to put all the pieces together.

Amidst all the panic, this caller was admirably collected as she points police in the right direction.

Caller: "We think we heard shots fired in our shop.

Dispatcher: "Okay. Do you see anybody with a weapon."
Caller: "No, we heard like nine (inaudible) ... and then a bunch of our techs ran."
Dispatcher: "Okay, alright. Where are you now, ma'am."

Caller: "I'm underneath my desk with another employee."

Dispatcher: "Okay, I just want you to stay there, okay?"

During the exchange of gunfire, the two officers as well as the suspect were shot. All were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition,

Do you know what your active shooter plan would be? We should all have one.

Not paranoid, but proactive.

We're guessing Classic BMW employees would second that.