As many malls are seeing a decline in interest and big department stores are pulling out, one mall is still finding the secret to success.

The Great Lakes Mall in Mentor recently announced a new gaming facility, even in the wake of Sears leaving and Dillard’s consolidating.

Kate Miller, spokesperson for Great Lakes Mall, said they have the constant challenge of trying to appeal to a younger generation.

"We're not ignoring it,” Miller said “We're somewhat embracing it, we realize that people are gonna shop online but it's about finding that balance."

Since online shopping is the newest way to find what you need, Miller said they’re trying to bring that crowd inside their doors for the experience.

Months ago, the mall launched Amazon Lockers for shoppers to pick up and drop off their packages and in the spring, they are welcoming a new gaming venue called Round 1.

"How fun is it to say 'I found this perfect dress' and snap a picture of your computer screen,” Miller said. “No, you're gonna go into a dressing room and say 'I found this perfect dress' and snap a picture of you in that dress."