ID=7175869PERRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- The legacy of a sledding accident victim is living on through her passion to help others.

We first met Susie Mettler at MetroHealth Medical Center after a sledding accident left her a quadriplegic back in December. Her limited mobility never stopped her passion for raising animals like Hebber the Pop Tart eating cow. Susie had been in 4-H since she was four years old.

Sadly, Susie passed away July 4 from a blood clot in her lung.

"She was in the barn all the time. The barn was spotless," said her mom Tina.

Susie's endless trophies still sit on the top shelf in her room. Even though she is gone, Susie's love to help others lives on through her lamb and 280-pound pig. Both will be auctioned off at the Lake County Fair at the 4-H livestock auction.

All the money raised will go to WAGS, a program that helps train service dogs for people with disabilities.

"You're really attached to somebody else because you can't do everything for yourself and it's a scary feeling. So having a dog with you takes some of that fear away," said Tina.

Tina says she will never understand why Susie had to leave this earth, but she takes comfort in knowing that others will be helped through the money raised from Susie's prize animals.

"Bring duffle bags full of money. I'm not shy, duffle bags full because there are so many kids that need these dogs," said Tina.

The lamb and pig will be auctioned off on August 16th at the Lake County Fair Grounds.

To learn more about WAGS, visit

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