Veteran Willoughby-Eastlake school bus driver Bob Graf will be 71-years-old next week.

He and wife Anna are both bus drivers, getting Lake County kids to and from school safely for 20-plus years.

On Thursday, Graf never even saw it coming.

An angry parent assaulted him, he says, on his own bus after demanding he be allowed to remove his daughter.

It happened at Grant Elementary School on Lost Nation Road,

"He had his seatbelt on and he couldn't even get out of his seat and the guy popped him!" says Lori Dietman, a Willoughby Eastlake bus driver herself, furious for her friend.

"This is totally unacceptable! Our job is hard enough," says Dietman.

Graf told police the man who attacked him, demanded to take his daughter off the bus.

"We just can't give these kids to anyone who comes and says 'I want this kid.' We have the laws behind us," says Dietman, pointing out there were 50 or so other kids on the bus whose safety mattered.

“They had kids on the bus! Crying. Upset. They didn't know what's going on," said Dietman.

Willoughby Eastlake Board of Education sent parents a letter explaining "..a parent entered the bus and struck the driver in an unprovoked altercation."

"What you did was wrong. We only try to protect your kids. We are just trying to get them home safely," Dietman says to the man who has not yet been charged.

Police say his young daughter who taken off the bus is fine. According to the police report, Felonious Assault charges could be on the way.

"You need to turn yourself in! What you did to this man! You need to turn yourself in," says Dietman.

If anyone saw this incident, they are asked to call the Willoughby Detective Bureau at 440-953-4210.

You can read the letter from Grant Elementary School Principal Laurie Hoynes below:

Letter to families from Grant Elementary School Principal by on Scribd