NBC's TODAY Show sat down with Ohio moms in Lake County to discuss their thoughts on the presidential election.

The segment aired Wednesday morning.

One woman noted the divide between men and women, and how men don't have the same understanding of certain situations that impact women.

"It's different for women, we're raised in a male society. It really is true," she said. "...We're seeing active sexism and active racism."

Another woman said her female relatives are supporting Donald Trump.

"For them, the woman protecting Bill [Clinton] is worse for them," she said.

She went on to note that she isn't pleased with the direction the country is heading in terms of policies. "I look at Trump and I go, I can swallow you saying something awful if you're not going to do something awful in office," she said. "And if you are, you're not going to get reelected. ...They're pushing these liberal policies and that's a world I don't want my children to grow up in."

Watch the discussion in the video below: