Jay Jay Phillips is as over the top as his hair is high.

He's talented on a keyboard he plays like a guitar.

He’s hilarious and loud with this contagious energy that he used to put Cleveland on the America’s Got Talent map for Season 12.

On Tuesday night he shined again in Round 2.

WKYC Channel 3 News was there to watch AGT live in his living room alongside the big hair rocker who's Painesville proud.

Judge Simon Cowell has been a fan since the first round of Phillip’s rockin 'a keyboard on a strap skills.

"He was like I really like you Jay Jay!,” Phillips says in a killer Cowell impersonation. “I’m sitting here like this is nuts! You know? I wasn't expecting that at all."

Jay Jay is so very likable. As likeable as he is uniquely talented.

Maybe it's his back story about a broken heart that the AGT producers loved.

"She's a real person who messed me up a lot but at the same time it was a good thing. Everything happens for a reason. I Feel like it was happening to blow me up! It inspired me," syas Phillips.

Maybe because at just 26-years-old Jay Jay takes his inspiration from 80's hair bands like Slash from Guns N' Roses.

“I love his style of playing sleazy blues," says Phillips.

Maybe it's Jay Jay's fashion sense.

"I got my first pair of leather pants when I was like 12," Phillips smiles.

Maybe it's his infectious laugh, or his real deal doo.

"It is my real hair! It's a very manageable hairstyle. This is every day me. It's been this way since I was like 13," Phillips laughs his trademark laugh.

Maybe it's because he's a self-taught musician in the local band "Hysteria" and loves the city we love.

"I want to tell the world if you haven't been to Cleveland, you probably should. This is a city where stuff is happening," says Phillips.

It turns out Jay Jay Phillips did NOT advance on AGT Tuesday night, but he has a lot of new fans like Channel 3 News reporter Dawn Kendrick and Photographer Chris Kunz, who are hungry for a happy soul like him.

Jay Jay Phillips said he's so grateful to have had the opportunity to shine on AGT and to shine another spotlight on the CLE.

How do you not love that?

Rock on Jay Jay. Rock on.