A group of Painesville residents has filed a lawsuit against Hardy Animal Nutrition over the odor the facility creates in the area.

The Hardy Animal Nutrition plant sits on 25 acres in Painesville. It employs about 50 people and runs 24-7.

It makes animal feed - from refined oils, grease and fat, left over from the restaurant industry.

The distinct aroma from the process can waft far from the plant - to surrounding neighborhoods.

A news release issued by Liddle & Dubin P.C. in Detroit claims the odors emitted from the animal feed facility is interfering with the residents' ability to enjoy their properties.

The release also states that Painesville Township issued 10 counts of violation against the company in 2015.

According to The News-Herald, the company said it had plans to correct the odor issue in 2013.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for the odor's nuisance and negative impact on neighborhood property values, as well as demand for change to the facility's operations in order to eliminate or significantly reduce the smell.

A request for comment to Magnus International Group, which owns Animal Hardy Nutrition, was not immediately returned Wednesday.