On Friday, it appeared that many people had left the Chagrin River Harbor neighborhood of Eastlake following a strong overnight storm.

But not Joseph Glashauckas.

After living there 22 years, he is used to flooding. He also has good things to say about how the city handles it.

“They’re always down here and they do pump the water out of here and everything,” he said.

To put it into perspective, the neighborhood sits where the Chagrin River flows out and Lake Erie flows in.

It is a scenic meeting spot, but low level, and often overwhelmed in weather.

“It happens every about ten years,” resident Linda Svach said.

Her concern regards the levee that is supposed to protect the neighborhood. Decommissioned by the Army Corps of Engineers a few years ago, it has since eroded.

“Looking pretty is not what we need here,” Svach added. “We need that dike built up and reinforced so that those waves cannot come over.”

Others say the neighborhood simply needs a new pump.

Eastlake Mayor Dennis Morley tells WKYC Channel 3 there are plans to replace it this summer.

Though the water covered streets, it did not appear to enter homes.