A reliable male birth control shot exists, but research ended early after participants reported symptoms millions of women in the U.S. endure every single day.

The men complained of mood swings, depression, acne and change in sex drive.

The study took place from 2008 through 2011 and was published in a medical journal in October. The shot works by lowering sperm count and had a 96 percent effective rate. But 20 couples dropped out of the study. 266 men were taking part. Although similar side effects are accepted for women on birth control, for men, scientists said more research is needed.

At CrossFit Remix in Mentor, men and women perform at the same level. But when it comes to pain, most agreed, women are better equipped to handle it.

“The fact that men have always felt that they were a little bit stronger and could handle things better than women is absolutely not true,” said Margaret Watson who spoke to us after a workout.

“I’d probably drop out if I started gaining weight and having mood swings,” Greg Kohn admitted to us.

“It’s amazing to me that these men can’t even handle just a tiny bit of what we go through on a day to day basis,” said Desiree Fuduric.

The study could be considered a step forward, as 75 percent of the male participants said they’d consider using the shot as a form of birth control. But if it became widely available, would men actually take advantage?

“Our whole lives, I feel that, it’s always kinda been left up to the woman, which is not necessarily right or fair, but that’s the way a lot of guys look at it,” Brian Wolfe told us.