The Willowick Police Department Facebook page is up and running again after it was removed by Facebook earlier this month.

It all started when a complaint was posted on the department page by Ashleigh Nicole Adkins.

Adkins alleged that a department officer was unprofessional and rude during a July 29 call. She claimed four officers did nothing when they responded to a call of a man who had overdosed at a traffic light. Her post went on to claim the officers were rude and became aggressive toward her and her family.

But Chief Brian Turner had a different story to tell.

A few days after the complaint, Turner posted body cam footage of the incident to the department's Facebook page, saying the officer called out by Adkins did nothing wrong.

Commenters on the page began attacking Adkins, who turned to Facebook. Within hours, the department's page was removed.

On Thursday afternoon, the page was restored with all of its old content still in place.