A newly engaged couple gets the surprise of a lifetime -- a free wedding.

For Ben Cook and Samantha Tippel, this is better than winning the lottery.

The two entered a contest for a wedding that's now valued at more than $30,000.

The newly engaged couple went through an interview process to explain why they should win.

Tippel said, "He's just such a good man, and I think he deserves so much more than he's been dealt."

And Cook told the contest that he fell in love with Tippel the first time he saw her.

The contest started when Ben and Jodi Photography, a local business, decided to pay it forward.

They wanted to give away a wedding photography package to a couple in need.

But with help from dozens of other local businesses, the couple's whole wedding is paid for.

We brought them on WKYC News at 7 to talk about this incredible experience.

Video provided courtesy of Sandham Films.