The Michelsons had been a happy family of three for years. Little Matt just turned 6, but the family knew they wanted to adopt and Holly always dreamed of having twin girls.

When she started searching she found Adah and Ayana in Ghana, Africa.  Twin girls the same age as their son. They went to Africa in November hoping the process wouldn't take long, but it did.  

Matt had to return to the states after three months. Little Matt and Holly stayed behind getting to know the girls.  It was during this time that a missionary approached Holly about another set of twins that needed a home.  

They were just a year old.  A little boy and girl abandoned and near starved to death. Without seeing or meeting them, Matt and Holly agreed to adopt them too. 

Thursday, little Matt, Holly, Ayana and Adah traveled nearly 20 hours back to Cleveland. When the adoption process is complete, they'll go back for the other twins.  

Meanwhile the little girls were welcomed into open and loving arms by a big new family who waited with signs, balloons and lots of gifts.  

They'll have a lot to see in learn in their new world but it's clear their search for a family to love is over.