Why would anyone want to be a Red Cross disaster volunteer?

"There is no financial gains, there's no advancement, socially or economically for them," says Red Cross volunteer instructor John Muni. "But it's all in their heart."

That's Myia Ellington's motivation. She's a flight attendant for United Airlines. "Being able to empathize and be appreciative and grateful that I'm able to be there with them and support them in whatever way I could," she says of her decision to be a volunteer. "Plus, what better time to go back to Houston where I'm based and help out."

Myia and other volunteers are learning how to set up shelter and care for those in need at a Red Cross disaster volunteer training course.

At the Red Cross, it costs about $1600 to deploy just one volunteer to a disaster area. That cost, as well as the supplies and provisions they provide survivors, is where your money goes when you donate. But they also need more volunteers.

John Schmidt is ready to be one of those volunteers and to face the chaos and uncomfortable living conditions. He served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam. "I think it's an opportunity to serve my country again," he told WKYC Channel 3's Monica Robins.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Red Cross volunteer, call 216-431-3328 or send an email to NEOVolunteer@RedCross.org.

Not only is the Red Cross mobilizing to help relieve those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, they may potentially need more volunteers as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida.