Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti warns residents of phone scam where a man identifies himself as a deputy sheriff.

He says the man says he is Deputy Sheriff Zach Miller, employed with the Lorain County Sheriffs Office. Stammitti said there is no Zach Miller presently employed with the office.

Stammitti says the man has called residences of Lorain County, advising them that they have failed to appear for jury duty and is issuing a warrant for their arrest. Then he says that, instead of arrest, the person called can pay a fine by purchasing money/gift cards.

He gives detailed instructions of what types of gift/money cards to purchase and asks the person to call him back after the purchase is made.

The phone number being used is 440-414-3371, Stammitti says if you call this number, there is a recording advising you have reached the "Lorain County Sheriffs Office if this is an emergency hang up and call 9-1-1."

Stammittii says this is not a phone number used by the Lorain County Sheriffs Office.

Stammitti would like Lorain County residents to know that the Sheriff's Office does not contact the public regarding warrants over the telephone.

If  you need to verify any of the Lorain County Deputy Sheriff's employment status, call the Communication Office at 440-323-1212.